July 18, 2021

Why Glow Golf Is Perfect For Office Parties

Why Glow Golf Is Perfect For Office Parties

Your next office party needs to be a great one, which means putting together something a lot better than a pizza party in the break room. Putt-putt golf is always a favorite among kids and adults. This is one reason it is a great idea for your upcoming company party. You know people want to bring their entire families, so you need to organize an event everyone will love. This doesn’t mean getting everyone outside on a hot and sunny Saturday afternoon. In Myrtle Beach, SC you can all play miniature glow golf at night!

This golf is exactly what it sounds like- golfing in the dark, with the help of illuminated course pieces and balls. It’s so much fun for your organization! Everyone is sure to want to participate and then ask to do it again soon!

Everything is Provided

As the party planner for your company, you’re probably used to doing a lot in order to get these events put together. That isn’t necessary! You’ll show up to an event that is already ready to show your company a good time. There is no need to buy glow in the dark supplies. A team will be there to set up and take down your glow golf event. At the end of your party, you’ll leave at the same time as everyone else. It could not be any easier!

A Fun, Glow Event

Don’t worry that an event in the dark will be dangerous. While setting up the night course, the professional team will strategically place LED Glow Blasters near bridges, water hazards, and bunkers. They will also place 1000 lumens lights and red LED flashing lights on the front and back of each golf cart for a first-class night glow golf party. The course is set up with 140 Signature LED Glow Blasters per 9 holes for a glow golf experience no one will soon forget.

Think of this like a super-powered rainbow party, not something spooky. The LED Glow System that will be used shines bright, with many colors, and has LED beams that project a serious glow. The glow golf ball used for this event was specially designed to glow while also performing like a regular golf ball. This is possible because the balls do not have glow sticks or batteries involved to make it glow but instead use a high- powered LED light or UV light.

This miniature golf course will be designed to be challenging and fun. In each hole, you are required to complete a different obstacle that includes bridges, tunnels, and more. Think of it like the classic putt-putt golf you know and love, with a crazy fun twist!

Book Your Glow Golf Party Today

A glow in the dark golf event is the perfect idea for your next office party. It’s great for kids and adults alike because no special skills are required. This indoor/ outdoor mini-golf event can be set up in your office space if you desire. Each hole of the portable miniature golf is a separate unit to accommodate the space provided.

Don’t worry about getting together clubs, balls, or anything else. All you need to do is contact Glow Vibe at (855) 438-5481 or sales@glowvibegolf.com and book your glow golf party date and time. We’ll handle the rest!