July 18, 2021

What Are The Rules Of Mini Golf

What Are The Rules Of Mini Golf

Miniature golf, commonly referred to as “mini golf” or “putt-putt golf,” is enjoyed by those looking for friendly entertainment. You can also take it more seriously as a competitive sport if you’re using it as a way to practice your golf short game. Across Augusta, GA, you’ll find families, teenagers, coworkers, sports teams, and even skilled experts playing this putting game. If you’ve never played before, or you haven’t played in a very long time, it’s time to get in on the fun!

How the game is setup

Unlike other forms of golf, you simply need to choose a mini golf course and show up to play. You don’t need to bring anything other than a good attitude! The only equipment players need are a putter and a golf ball, which are supplied at the course. Each mini golf course has unique variations so every hole is different, and every course is different. Obstacles on the course must be fixed for the purpose of play and they cannot totally hinder a shot, but other than that the obstacles can look and function in many ways. Obstacles can be anything from a series of rocks to a windmill to trees to just about anything else.

Understanding the game

Mini golf courses have 18 marked holes that are numbered. Players use their putters to hit the golf ball from the tee area and straight into the hole. You must complete each hole in number order without skipping any hole. You will want to hit the ball gently and measured for good scores. That’s it!

Counting your strokes

Just like more traditional golf, you’re counting your strokes and hoping to get the lowest number in your group. Each time you hit the ball is a stroke. Accidental contact with the ball does not count as a stroke, so don’t be too hard on your fellow players! Every stroke taken counts as a point, although many courses limit players to a maximum of six or seven strokes per hole in order to keep the game moving. The mini golf player with the fewest strokes at the end of the round wins.

A Few Other Things to Keep in Mind…

Please observe mini golf etiquette. This means being considerate of others and the course so you can enjoy the game in safety and comfort:

  • Limit groups playing together to no more than five persons.
  • Do not start play on any fairway tee until players ahead have finished.
  • Never walk on the fairway playing surface except while putting.
  • Do not cut in front of other players, even if they’re going slow. Ask to play through if you must.
  • Allow faster players from a group behind you to play through so you can enjoy your game more relaxed and not feel rushed.
  • Do not bang clubs on anything!

You’ll notice that nowhere does it say “Mini golf must be played outside” or even “Mini golf must be played during the day.” Those are not rules, because mini golf can be played anywhere and anytime! Those in Augusta, GA can play night-time, glow mini golf with Glow Vibe. It’s so much fun for the entire family!