July 18, 2021

What Are The Most Expensive Golf Balls In The World

What Are The Most Expensive Golf Balls In The World

You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who says that golf is a cheap sport to love. From the green fees to renting a golf cart, to buying the best clubs, to making sure you’re wearing the right shoes, the expenses to play a round of golf can really add up. Yet, when discussing how golf can get costly, very few people mention the golf balls themselves. Aren’t they just a few dollars? Well, yes- some are that cheap. However, some golf balls are very, very expensive. What makes it even more expensive is that, depending on your skill level, you can lose your balls pretty quickly. Here is a quick breakdown of the most expensive golf balls in the world:

#1 Titleist Pro V1 – $48 per dozen

When you think of golf, you think of Titleist. This brand specializes in golf gear and equipment. It is known for the good quality of their products, but it certainly isn’t known for being cheap. Titleist sponsors some of golf’s biggest names, like Jordan Spieth. There are also a number of popular pro golfers who use these golf balls, including Rickie Fowler. You know that if the pros use them, they have to be worth the money!

#2 Nike One Tour – $50 per dozen

Nike is pretty much king of all sports, including golf. The make of the Nike One Tour is nothing short of impressive. With 378 dimples and a 4-layer construction, these golf balls are designed for long-distance drives and supreme control. It may be expensive at typically $50 per dozen, but Nike is known for the quality of its products. That means they’re worth it! Nothing is spared on these golf balls, so the price is justified.

#3 Dixon Fire – $75 per dozen

Can you imagine spending nearly $100 on a dozen golf balls? Those who swear by Dixon Fire have no problem with it! Dixon Fire tops the list of most expensive golf balls by quite a margin. These golf balls are extremely pricey at $75 per dozen, which makes each ball over $6 apiece. You better not send very many into the water! Many golfers prefer the Dixon Fire for their high-performance capabilities. They’re the perfect golf balls for semi-pro, amateur, and golf hobbyists because they help you score like a pro- even if you’re not quite as good as one. These luxury balls are durable and extremely capable. If you’re seen using Dixon Fire golf balls on the course, you’re telling everyone that you know exactly what you’re doing and you have the money to do it often.

Wow! This list is pretty incredible. By taking a look at this list, it may give you the impression that golf is more of the wealthy man’s game. It doesn’t have to be that way though. In fact, golf can be big fun for the entire family! Glow Vibe Golf means you can putt around in the dark with the help of illuminated lights. Everyone from little kids to seasoned golf professionals will love this Raleigh, NC golf option. And don’t worry- you don’t need to bring any expensive balls along for your fun!