July 18, 2021

Tips For Finding A Golf Swing That Works For You

Tips For Finding A Golf Swing That Works For You

Many golfers, even seasoned veterans of the game, find themselves relying on a different swing for different clubs and different types of shots. You have a chip swing, a pitch swing, a mid iron swing, a long iron swing, a swing for wedges, a hybrid swing, a fairway wood swing, and of course a driver swing. It is no wonder you are so frustrated!

How many different golf swings do you use over the course of 18 holes? You need to begin to blend all your swings into one swing. To put it quite plainly, this is the only way to play a round of golf where it all comes together! According to golf experts, here’s what you need to do:

#1 Address the ball with your left foot slightly flared toward the target.
#2 Drop your right foot back six inches and flare it 45 degrees away from the ball, but make sure your shoulders stay parallel to your target line.
#3 Take a good, solid hit!

This setup will allow you to create good rotation during the backswing, and swing the club more from inside the target line on the way down. Essentially, you’re giving yourself a head start to a better swing path. When you play with this setup, and you’ll start seeing more powerful drives and more precise aiming.

If you continue to use too many different kinds of swings, you will get stuck in a scoring rut where you might have a really good game every once in a while but you’re just as likely to have a bad game.

Of course, you’ll need to practice this new swing many times in order to perfect it. That is where Glow Vibe can help! Visit us and get in plenty of swing practice, in a fun and low-stress environment. We even offer glow in the dark night golf in Columbia, SC so you can practice after work!