July 18, 2021

Mini Golf Course: The Perfect Campus Recreation Idea

Mini Golf Course: The Perfect Campus Recreation Idea

Your students have been working and studying hard. They need a way to have fun! This is why your school or campus organization’s next big fundraising event should be golfing. This isn’t just any golf, of course. Who says mini golf, or any type of golf, has to be done during the day? Glow golf gives you the fun of golf, with a little added flair because everything is illuminated! When students arrive for the event, their eyes will light up as they see the balls, hazards, and fairway all glowing in the dark. The course is set up with 140 Signature LED Glow Blasters per 9 holes to give you a first-class glow golf experience. This fundraiser can be set up outside at night or inside your gymnasium or other large building.

Consider why this is such a fantastic on-campus idea:

#1 No one has to be a good golfer!

Glow-in-the-dark mini golf isn’t as serious as other types of golfing. It’s fun for all ages and athletic abilities. Think of it as a cool glow in the dark night golf experience, not hours of sweating and frustration out under the sun.

#2 It’s easy to keep it safe and healthy.

Students want to have fun, but your school needs them to stay safe and healthy. Golf is the perfect way for everyone to have a fun time while also following CDC guidelines. Golfers can easily stay three or six feet apart, keep a mask on, and only touch their own golf club and ball. This is the answer you’ve been looking for!

#3 Plan a big event, not just a round of golf.

Not only is this a great idea because it is fun, it will be lucrative for your group too. Be sure all students get there at least an hour before the start for pre-party primping at glow paint and swag stations. Plus, everyone is going to want to take a lot of pictures in their glow clothes! You may want to set up a special hashtag everyone can use to share their photos on social media.

#4 Your school or group will make you a lot of money.

Not only do people pay money to participate in the glow golf itself, but you should also advise them to bring extra money. After the golfing is finished, you should offer food and drinks at the after-party. They won’t want to go back to their dorms! Your money will rack up all night!

#5 There is little planning to do on your part.

A big event means a lot of work for you, right? Actually, the most successful fundraisers are put on by professional event planning companies who handle this kind of thing all the time. There is no need to buy golf party supplies and schedule team members to set up and take down your glow golf event. You’ll have very little planning, but a lot of money afterwards- the perfect kind of fundraiser!

Go ahead and start planning your golfing event now!