July 18, 2021

Golf Tip: Keeping Your Head Still As You Swing

Golf Tip: Keeping Your Head Still As You Swing

To the untrained eye, it may look like golfers are just swinging a club as hard as they can, but the best of the best in the sport are very deliberate in their movements. One thing they have worked on is keeping their head very still throughout the entire stroke.

Your head should move a small amount, not be absolutely frozen. This is important to remember moving forward. As you make your backswing, your head should move away from where you are aiming. As you move down to actually strike the ball, your head should move back to a place close to where it was originally, although it should be lower and your head at impact should not be in front of where it was in the first place. All of this is to say, it should be quite still and not moving wildly around. Why? It’s harder to see the ball for one thing!

You want your golf swing to be as clean as possible, and the same each and every time. Each movement or jerk increases the change you mess up and hit it wrong, so it makes sense to try and minimize any unnecessary motion. If you have excessive head motion as you swing, experts recommend you reduce it.

When it comes to your golf swing, simpler is always better. First, either get someone to video you as you swing or set up a timer to capture the movement yourself. Then go through frame-by-frame and see how much your head moves. If you notice excessive movement, more than what was mentioned above, you can work on it with a simple drill that only requires a can and a ruler.

Setup to hit a golf ball and place the can just outside the ball and the ruler on top so that when you set up to the golf ball you can see the tip of the ruler over the ball. What this is doing is giving you a reference point. As you swing, you want to watch the ruler and golf ball and see how much movement there is. If you do this and you can see the entire ball at any point in your swing it means you have a lot of head movement and should mentally make a note is not doing this. If you do that, you’ll cut out wasted motion of your head and your golf swing will be simpler, easier to repeat, and you’ll hit the ball better, on a regular basis.

With anything, the best way to improve your golf game is to practice. Whether it is keeping your head still as you swing, bending your knees the correct way, or just about anything else, you need to actually practice this golf tip in order to have it come natural each and every time you swing. A lot of practice can be tough to fit in, though. You are busy! The weather isn’t always great for being outside, and you can really only fit in a round of golf on the weekends.

This is no longer a problem! Golfers here in Augusta, GA can now practice keeping their head still as they swing, and all other golf techniques, with the help of Glow Vibe Golf. When you use our facilities, you don’t need to worry about the weather or the time. You can golf whenever you can fit it in! Give us a call at (855) 438-5481 for more information.