July 18, 2021

Corporate Event Ideas: Glow Golf

Corporate Event Ideas: Glow Golf

Corporate events are great for team building. It’s tough to sync well with someone when all you do is work with them. You want your team to have an opportunity to unwind and get to know one another in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere. That way, when a sticky work situation arises, instead of fighting with a coworker, they are trying to make it work with a friend. It is what is best for everyone, them, their coworkers, and the company as a whole!

Yet, it can be tough to find a great corporate event that is fun, cost-effective, and hasn’t been done a thousand times. If you’re located in or near the Charlotte, NC area, a wonderful new option is to go through Glow Vibe and have your team participate in glow golf!

Your team loves golf. And they’ll love glow golf too! Glow golf can be done at night, with the whole family! Some of our most popular glow golf formats for corporate events include:

9 Hole Scramble
6 Hole Scramble
Dine and 9
9 Day/9 Night
Par 3 Challenge

Best of all, Glow Vibe makes this event easy on you. We provide a quick setup and take down of the carts and course. Our GLOWV1 golf ball performs like a regular golf ball, with no batteries or glow sticks involved, because we provide a glow torch that ignites the ball. Don’t worry about anyone getting injured at a company event, because we also equip the carts with a 1000 Lumen front light and a rear safety light. We also mark the course and highlight the trouble or hazard areas.

We use the latest technology and equipment to make your next corporate event one the entire team will remember and ask for again. You’ll be the most popular person in the office! To get started planning a corporate glow golf event with our friendly experts, give us a call at (855) 438-5481. If you prefer, you can also email sales@glowvibegolf.com. Hurry, this idea is perfect for your end-of-the year party but you’ll want to get started setting it in motion right away!