July 18, 2021

Book Your Back To School Fundraiser

Book Your Back To School Fundraiser

For many schools, both public and private, back to school season means returning to the need for additional funds. Schools simply are not funded as well as they need to be for everyday essentials like art supplies, musical instruments, technology, paper, and even hand sanitizer. This year, there are additional rules and regulations in place that translate to extra expenses for the school. The campus needs to be extra sanitized on a daily and weekly basis. Everyone needs to be able to transition back to staying at home if necessary, which means costly technology should be in place on day one. Both of these mean money spent, money that needs to come from somewhere.

The fundraisers of the past just don’t cut it anymore. Aren’t you tired of car washes and selling candy? Guess what… those people you’re trying to sell to are sick of it as well. It’s time you make money in a way that everyone enjoys, including yourself. Your next big school fundraiser should be golf! Glow Vibe’s night golf events provide additional revenue and new fun and entertainment for your school, whether you’re an elementary, middle, high, or private school. This is the perfect event for students of all ages and their entire families!

You choose whether you want to hold the event outside, like on the football field, or inside, like in the cafeteria or gymnasium. Our event organizers will strategically place LED Glow Blasters near bridges, water hazards, and bunkers. To make it even brighter, we also place 1000 lumens lights and red LED flashing lights on the front and back of each golf cart. Our Signature LED Glow System shines brighter, more colorful, and has LED beams that project 45 feet of glow left to right and is the only one of its kind in the night golf industry. The course is set up with 140 Signature LED Glow Blasters per 9 holes to give you and others playing at your event a truly exceptional glow golf experience. That’s not all! We also provide all golfers with a night golf ball which performs like a regular golf ball. Our glow in the dark golf balls do not have glow sticks or batteries involved to make it glow; they’re the top of the line. The ball is made to glow thanks to a high- powered LED light. The result of all of this effort is a first-class glow golf fundraiser.

When you have Glow Vibe helping you out, there’s no need to buy party supplies and schedule volunteers to set up and take down your event. We provide a top service by providing the setup and takedown for your glow golf party. All you do is show up and play, and then collect the check later for all the money you made!

When looking for the coolest fundraiser idea in Concord, NC, look no further than Glow Vibe. We’re your best bet for an exceptional school fundraising event! We’ve set up multiple night golf events all around the Carolinas, so we know exactly what to do in order to make yours a success. We provide a complete glow golf experience, and we take care of every detail for you. Every event from Glow Vibe is custom tailored to exceed your expectations, so please feel free to get in touch with us and let us know your exact needs. Once we talk, we can start planning your upcoming glow golf fundraising event!