July 18, 2021

Avoid These Common Golfing Mistakes

Avoid These Common Golfing Mistakes

Everyone from a toddler playing putt-putt to a senior citizen who’s been playing 18-holes for decades loves golf. There’s so much to love about the game, and you can enjoy it for a lifetime! Yet, if you’re making any simple mistakes, you could be robbing yourself of the full amount of joy golf can bring to your life. Consider the following common mistakes and be sure to avoid them:

#1 Not warming up properly.

Golf is a very active activity, which means a few minutes of stretching is in order before you tee off. Golf puts a lot of strain on various muscles you don’t use otherwise, and you could end up in pain because you failed to warm up. Then, you’ll be sidelined from the game you love while you heal!

#2 Using The Wrong Ball.

If you are a high-handicapper and a beginner, you can lose quite a few of balls as you get better. During this time, you will need a durable ball that offers distance. These are cheaper to replace when you lose them and they add a bit more distance with every shot. Once you reach the skill level where you can control the ball when it lands on the grass, you should then use a more expensive ball.

#3 Not practicing enough.

It’s nearly impossible to get better at anything without practicing, including golf. Some will say “I don’t have time to fit in golf as often as I’d like!” This may be true, if you’re only considering a full afternoon on the green as practice. Taking in any type of golf is good for your game, so have fun with it!

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