June 14, 2021

8 Reasons To Love Golf Right Now

Do You love golf? You’re not alone! Across the globe, golf is beloved by millions. Whether you prefer several hours playing 18 holes or a fun night of glow mini golf, there are dozens of reasons to love golf. These are just the beginning!

#1 You have no problem getting friends and family to play too.

Golf is incredibly popular with people of all ages and skill levels! The social aspect of playing golf with people you enjoy spending time with cannot be downplayed.

#2 Golfing is cool!

Sure you love golf, but so do a lot of other famous people too. That makes golfing an “in style” and “trendy” activity. Neat! Because it is more mainstream and trendy than in years past, you no longer need to stick to traditional golf attire.

#3 Gear design is getting better and better.

Advanced technology has changed our world in incredible ways. This applies to golfing gear too! Thanks to supercomputers and highly-advanced materials, every golfer can reap the benefits of advanced technologies and designs.

#4 You don’t have to be perfect.

One of the best aspects of golf is that you’re really playing against your past scores. You don’t need to play a perfect game with a hole in one every shot. In fact, that’s impossible! By shaving a few strokes off your last score, you’re making a real achievement.

#5 There’s tons of information and instruction out there.

Thanks to internet sources and YouTube videos, you can learn all the same skills as someone with a private coach. You can get ‘golf-wise’ in a hurry! It’s super easy to become a better golfer just by doing your research.

#6 The game is more affordable than ever before.

Golf is no longer a sport of the elite alone. For every iconic course like Pebble Beach that charges a green fee of over $500, there are hundreds of fantastic courses that charge significantly less. If you opt for a round of mini golf instead of the full 18-holes, it’s even cheaper!

#7 There’s many health benefits.

There’s a reason they consider golf to be a sport. You get great exercise while golfing! It’s fantastic for your cardiovascular health. Beyond this, it’s good for your mental health and even helps you sleep better at night.

#8 You can play it any time.

When you opt for a round of indoor mini golf, you don’t need it to be bright and sunny. You don’t even need it to be daytime! You can practice your putting whether it’s storming, way too hot to play outside, or past sunset.

Do you have another reason to love golf you would add to this list? You probably do, because there are so many reasons to enjoy the game. It’s hard to shorten the list to just a few!