Night glow golf

No need to buy golf party supplies and schedule team members to set up and take down your glow golf event. The service and Signature LED Glow System we provide is #1 in the Southeast with Glow Vibe providing the setup and takedown for your glow golf party.

We are fast and efficient and make safety a top priority for your event. How do we do this? We strategically place our LED Glow Blasters near bridges, water hazards, and bunkers. An if that it is enough, we place 1000 lumens lights and red LED flashing lights on the front and back of each golf cart for a first-class night
glow golf party.

Our Signature LED Glow System shines brighter, more colorful, and has LED beams that project 45 feet of glow left to right and is the only one of its kind in the night golf industry. The course is set up with 140 Signature LED Glow Blasters per 9 holes to give you a first-class glow golf experience.

To enhance the experience even further we provide the Glow Vibe night golf ball which performs like a regular golf ball. How is this possible? Our glow in the dark golf balls does not have glow sticks or batteries involved to make it glow. The Glow Vibe night golf ball ignites using a high- powered LED light or UV light which we

Glow Vibe Night Golf events provide additional revenue and new fun and entertainment for your members.

Course Set-Up

Men and Women Tee Box – Green Glow Blaster on each side of the tee box.

200 yards – Blue Glow Blaster in the middle and edge of fairway right and left.

150 yards – White Glow Blaster in the middle and edge of fairway right and left.

100 yards – Red Glow Blaster in the middle and edge of fairway right and left.

Bunkers – Flashing Yellow Glow Blaster for safety and playability.

Greens – 2 Green Glow blasters on front and back of the hole for depth and additional glow blaster to enhance visibility.

Hazards – Pulsing Yellow Glow Blaster to identify safety concerns.


  • 9 Hole Scramble
  • 6 Hole Scramble
  • Dine and 9
  • 9 Day/9 Night
  • Par 3 Challenge
  • Couples Night Out
  • Kids Golf Events
  • Member/Member or Member/Guest Activity

Best of all, players that experience glow golf have a blast and it will be the talk of your club.

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