Illuminated Miniature Golf Parties

Illuminated Miniature Golf Parties 1

Quick- what’s the best part about miniature golf? Did you say that it’s fun for the whole family, it’s great exercise, or even it is an expensive way to enjoy the day? All of that is very true. Now, what is the least fun part about it? For many, that answer comes quickly too. It’s so hot outside during the day, especially in the summertime. It’s also tough to play at a time that is convenient for working parents. Also, you need to bring drinks and reapply sunscreen so you don’t get ill. Those negative aspects of miniature golf can now be left in the past. Glow Vibe Golf offers illuminated miniature golf. It’s mini golf at night! This is perfect for your next party.

Illuminated miniature golf parties allow you to enjoy everything you love about mini golf, and leave behind everything you don’t. Glow Vibe Golf is the only company within the Southeast with a LED system to make a golf course glow at night. It’s perfect for a birthday party, fundraising event, end-of-the-season get together, youth group retreat, and so much more. If you have a reason to party, you have a reason to go mini golfing. Instead of sweating it out on a summer afternoon, golf at night with the glow of amazing colors to guide you!

Glow Vibe Golf is proud to serve everyone here in South Carolina, but events outside of the state are always welcome by request. Make sure to call us at 1-850-217-8243 and our customer service specialists will be more than glad to assist you in setting up your golf party.

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