Glow Vibe-K Runs


Glow Vibe can provide the perfect setting to promote health and fun by setting up a glow run using our LED lighting system, while also using blacklight to glow the runners while in the Start and Finish areas.

Glow Vibe can produce over 500 colorful lights for your run! Start the race with a blacklight party, complete with a DJ and all the glow accessories needed to hype up your customers. Use a theme concept and watch the creativity and energy flow from your guests form start to finish.

Complete your run with a black light awards ceremony or after-party and start preparing for the next run! A glow run is perfect for charity or a special occasion and will leave lasting impressions.

A new way to run and have fun!

Glow your course with state of the art LED technology.

Black light stations, where runners go to glow!

We offer glow products to enhance the experience.