Glow Golf / 9 or 18 Holes

Glow Golf / 9 or 18 Holes
Tee Box
36 inch LED cone that is a charging station for the glow ball using black light technology.
10 inch LED tear drop markers are used to mark the yardage. 200 yard= Blue, 150=Red, 100=White
The Greens

3 tear drop markers to mark the right and left of the flag and 1 for the back of the green.

1 Green Blaster to enhance the visibility to putt.

1 LED flagstick to light the hole
Bunkers and Hazards
Bunkers and Hazards are marked with LED colored sticks. Blue = bunkers Red= Hazards
Cart Lighting
Colored LED Stick is provided for the back of the cart.
LED 100 lumen work light is provided for the front of the cart

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