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Super Bowl

Is your favorite team in the Superbowl? Or do you just love the commercials? Selecting an event format can be difficult so allow Glow Vibe to provide you with options for glowing your party and bring the fun to your club. Set up a pre-Super Bowl golf tournament and then sit back and watch the game while glowing. Challenge your customer with a cosmic putting challenge or any of our skills challenge games and let your customer compete for halftime giveaways and bragging rights. Glow Vibe provides many glow accessories for your customer to enjoy and we guarantee “7” points for the home team.

Mardi Gras

Let Glow Vibe bring “New Orleans” to your club for an evening of glow golf or choose from our many skills challenge games to entertain your guests. Crown your King and Queen and let the “Krewe of Glow” parade begin. Glow Vibe provides you the opportunity to glow your carts and then provide a BEST “decorated” cart competition for your members to enjoy. Top off the night with a King Cake and a crowd pleasing “Hurricane” cocktail. This crowd favorite theme will leave your guest wanting to do it again!



Let Glow Vibe provide you with a night of “GREEN” beer and glow golf. Set up your course with a combination of glow golf, cosmic putting and our skill’s challenge games and let the fun begin. Accessorize your customers with glow products from our online store and let your customer have the time of their life and bring out the “Irish” in you!

The Masters

Bring the fun to your club with a 9 hole day and 9 hole glow night Pro-Am using Glow Vibe’s LED lighting system. Simply use a blind draw to select the teams partner from cut day at the Masters and let your team’s play with their favorite PGA players for a fabulous evening of the Masters. Score the event using a team net score and the PGA players gross score. You can even shorten the golf course and make this a Par 3 Challenge just like you were at “The Masters.” Add a Pimento Sandwich and glow accessories and your event just became the hit of the town. This theme is a great way to bring those weekend golfers out to the club for something different.

Casino Nights

Let Glow Vibe help you make your club into “Little Las Vegas” with our LED lighting system. We will setup your event using a “Casino Night at the Club” format and make the evening fun with games we play in Vegas. Whether you host a glow golf event or a skills challenge, we can provide you with a fun evening for all. Throw in a “Best” poker hand game and your players will want to go again. Whatever you choose to do, Glow Vibe can help make your evening a “Blackjack!”

Caddy Shack

“There’s no gambling at Bushwood.” Glow Vibe can help bring back this classic movie that will leave your customer laughing for days. Throw in a gopher and Carl Spackler to go along with Al Czervick and you now have a glow golf event that will last forever. We can set up the golf course to meet the needs of your customer and let them enjoy their very own club “Caddy Day” tournament. Accentuate the evening with glow accessories and watch your club become the NEW Bushwood!

Glow Runs

Glow Vibe can provide the perfect setting to promote health and fun by setting up a glow run using our LED lighting system, while also using blacklight to glow the runners while in the Start and Finish areas. Glow Vibe can produce over 500 colorful lights for your run! Start the race with a blacklight party, complete with a DJ and all the glow accessories needed to hype up your customers. Use a theme concept and watch the creativity and energy flow from your guests form start to finish. Complete your run with a black light awards ceremony or after-party and start preparing for the next run! A glow run is perfect for charity or a special occasion and will leave lasting impressions.

See Our 5K Glow Run!

Poker Run

Imagine this! Riding your bike and having your other half on the back, all decked out in glow! You drive down the road and the group of bikes has everybody staring at the colorful display that is going by. Throw in black light at each location and the party begins. A Poker Run by Glow Vibe allows you to not only to enjoy the ride but the glow as well. Finish the run in style with an after-party at the final location complete with the best poker hand, blacklight, DJ and a cold beverage. The Poker Run is great for charity and just great fun for friends who like to get together.

Kentucky Derby

Set up your own Kentucky Derby event and let the betting begin. Glow Vibe can provide your event with an evening of black light and lots of glow fun. Bring out the glow accessories and get the party started. Throw in a “Best” glow hat competition and see who has the “craziest” hat for the derby. Whatever your pleasure, Glow Vibe can help your guest’s feel like they are at the Downs!

Hawaii Nights

Who needs to go to Hawaii when you can have a Luau at your course. Set up a festive glow golf event or a skills challenge competition and let the fun begin. A Hawaii themed event is perfect for a family gathering or member’s day and the possibilities are unlimited for what you can do to make a perfect evening. Special glow lei’s are perfect for decorating your pig roast or watching your members and guests “Hula” for all to see!

King Pin

(Bowling) – Who say’s you can’t turn off the lights and glow bowl with the cast of King Pin? Roy Munson, “Big” Ernie, “Miss” Claudia and Ishmael can bring your event alive and provide an evening of fun and laughs. Accessorize your guests with glow products from the online store. Add costumes to this event and award the “Best” costume for prizes! Your customers will laugh for hours and look forward to future events!


Bring out the ghosts and goblins with a 9 hole glow golf tournament that puts the “Fright” into your customer. Decorate your course with all the tricks and treats and bring out the fear in your guest. Let Glow Vibe set up an “Apple bob” using our glow blasters to help illuminate your guest and watch the fun. Our glow accessories will help you set the mood and bring out the crazy in your guests.


Your club event can bring in the Christmas holiday with a fun evening of glow golf or a combination of glow golf and skills challenge fun! Make it even more special with the arrival of Santa Claus on a special glowing cart. Your juniors will enjoy a night of glow fun and setting up the cosmic putting course will be a hit at your club. Bring out the glow accessories and make your festive event full of Christmas Cheer and Glow Vibe!


New Years

Ring in the New Year with a glow party and Glow Vibe! Add a cosmic putting competition or a skills challenge and make the night a complete success. Are you looking for a night of glow and lasting excitement? Let us provide you with a night that will leave your guests wanting more. Use glow accessories from the Glow Vibe online store and watch your club light up with fun!

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