Cosmic Mini Golf in Savannah, GA

Cosmic Mini Golf in Savannah, GA 1

Savannah is one of the best places in the country to raise a family. This time of year is perfect for families who want to look beyond boring movies and stressful diners at restaurants to spend their evenings doing something active outdoors. Why suffer through spilled drinks and expensive candy when your group could be actually having fun? Georgia families now have a fun new activity- cosmic mini golf! Cosmic mini golf, able to be played both indoors and outdoors, is sure to be the next big thing in family entertainment.

With cosmic mini golf, you’re sure to have a night you won’t forget. It consist of nine or 18 holes, depending on how long your group of players want to play. Each hole has a unique, bright, and creative design to keep your kids engaged, yet they’re challenging enough to keep it fun for older players. You can even make the event a social tournament by putting groups of players into teams and having a shot gun start! Make your family night out even better with a longest putt competition or a hole in one challenge for prizes. Once you play cosmic mini golf for the first time, you’re sure to come back again and again for more fun.

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