Cosmic Mini Golf in Augusta, GA

Cosmic Mini Golf in Augusta, GA 1

Are you tired of the same old friday night fights over where to go to dinner and which movie to watch? Taking the kids to either of these places can be extremely stressful, but anything specifically geared for kids indoors is too noisy for adults to enjoy. If only there was an activity outdoors that the kids and parents would both like! Actually, there is. Those looking for a new, family-friendly activity in Augusta, GA now have cosmic mini golf!

Cosmic mini golf consist of nine or 18 holes, depending on how long your family wants to play. Each hole has a unique and creative design to keep your kids engaged, yet they’re challenging enough to keep it fun for older players. While it’s fun to play outdoors like traditional mini golf, it can be played indoors as well if the weather isn’t nice. You can even make the event a social tournament by putting groups of players into teams and having a shot gun start! Make the family outing even funner with a longest putt competition or a hole in one challenge for prizes. You’re sure to have a night you won’t forget, and you want to repeat soon.

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