How Does a 5K Make Money?

Posted on September 30, 2020
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Many types of organizations need money, from schools to sports teams to church groups. If you represent a group that needs funds, one of your main tasks should be looking into fundraisers. Don’t assume just because something is the way you’ve always done it, it is still the right fundraiser for your organization. People are tired of candy bars and gift wrap. They want something new and so do you, because it’s the only way to bring in the money you need for your group to thrive. Make this year the year you look into hosting a 5k glow run fundraiser.

Glow run 5ks are a promising opportunity for an activity-driven fundraiser for Charlotte, NC organizations. You may be worried that the term “5K” will scare some people off, but the opposite is true. People want to feel proud and accomplished. They want the feeling of finishing a 5K and they’ll pay your group money for the opportunity to do so! In fact, the sweaty, strenuous challenge of walking or running a 5K can inspire people and attract a ton of support.

There’s a reason we’re seeing a rise in the popularity of these fundraisers. They work! How do you actually make money though? Most organizations simply charge a flat fee to enter the event, and you can also make extra cash at the run itself by selling glow in the dark goodies beforehand and food and drinks afterwards. Yes, you read that right- this event is glow in the dark! They won’t be running in the pitch black of course, but on an illuminate course. Glow Vibe’s system can be set up anywhere meaning no electricity is needed to glow your course! We provide the set up and take down and can provide marketing material to help promote your event. Let Glow Vibe bring the glow party to you!

In the case of 5Ks, studies show that only 43% of revenue comes from registration fees. Not only can charging for both registration and items at the run draw on potential donors’ willingness to give, but it can also maximize your fundraisers’ excitement for and involvement in the event. On top of making money at this year’s event, participants will be excited to share their success, which spreads the word to their social and family networks. They’ll be drumming up interest in next year’s event, and it’ll be even more successful than this year’s glow run! The most common way to grow revenue from a 5K is to raise the registration fee or to expand the size of the field for the next run.

Are you looking to bring new energy and fun to your next fundraising event? Your glow run 5k has a special opportunity to create excitement and rally support around your group. Potential runners get pumped and primed to go the distance for the causes they care about. Take advantage of this natural energy by giving them a truly fun fundraiser, one they’ll be excited about participating in next year too!