Your Ultimate Guide to Playing Night Glow Golf

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Posted on November 24, 2020
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Who says golf can only be played in the afternoon? Not us! Glow in the dark night golf is great for playing on the course well after sunset, practicing in your backyard, or even playing someone totally different like inside a school gymnasium. You don’t have to end your game solely because it’s getting dark; you can keep playing all night with glow golf balls and a LED light up course! This type of golf is ideal for people who find it hard to fit their golfing time into their busy schedule. When your golf course is glowing, you can play whenever you have free time. You get to avoid the crowds and heat, but still play the game you love.

It is no wonder that night glow golf is huge with mini golf players and regular golfers alike, and only becoming more popular. These glow in the dark night golf tournaments are great for birthday parties and fundraising events. 

How to Set Up a Night Golf Tournament:

#1 Flags. How will you know where the hole is if you’re golfing in the dark? With a glowing flag, of course! LED Flag Poles are 6.5 feet tall and come in a variety of color options. The flags can also be marked with a glow stick.

#2 Holes. It isn’t nearly as difficult to know where you’re hitting the ball as you may fear. Glow Vibe knows exactly what we’re doing and we make the holes very visible. They glow!

#3 Fairways. We will light up the fairways like an airstripe at night! Our Signature LED Glow System shines brighter, more colorful, and has LED beams that project 45 feet of glow left to right and is the only one of its kind in the night golf industry. The course is set up with 140 Signature LED Glow Blasters per 9 holes to give you a first-class glow golf experience.

#4 Hazards. We make safety a top priority for your event. How do we do this? We strategically place our LED Glow Blasters near bridges, water hazards, and bunkers. We also place 1000 lumens lights and red LED flashing lights on the front and back of each golf cart for a first-class night glow golf party.

#5 Balls. Last but certainly not least- you need glow balls! These are the most important part of your night golf tournament. These glow in the dark golf balls perform like a regular golf ball. How is this possible? Our glow in the dark golf balls does not have glow sticks or batteries involved to make it glow. The Glow Vibe night golf ball ignites using a high- powered LED light or UV light which we provide.

Instead of worrying about all of this yourself, you could let Glow Vibe handle it! Imagine a tournament where everyone golfs 9 holes in the afternoon followed by a buffet dinner and then 9 holes of exciting glow in the dark golf once the sun sets. This would be so much fun and sure to raise your organization a lot of money! Call us at (855) 438-5481 or email us at to get started planning your event.