The 7 Benefits of Golf for People of all Ages

Posted on August 28, 2020
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It is not often that a school-age child, their parents, and their grandparents all enjoy doing the same activity. That is exactly what golf can do though! Playing a quick round of golf is not only fun, it offers many amazing benefits to the player. These apply whether you’re 7 or 70:

#1 It’s great physical exercise. One of the many benefits of participating in a sport like golf is that it improves your physical fitness. Golf means walking and swinging. This increases your heart rate and blood flow, which results in a healthy heart, enhanced brain stimulation, and improved balance.

#2 You can lose weight. Physical exercise goes hand in hand with a healthy weight. The recommended number of steps for weight loss is about 10,000 steps. Playing a round of Charlotte, NC mini golf will be so fun you don’t even realize you’re getting so many steps in!

#3 You’ll sleep better. Any time you’re exercising, you’re making your body tired. This means improved sleep once the nighttime comes. A combination of exercise and fresh air on a regular basis is the ultimate recipe for a perfect night of sleep. Not only will you fall asleep faster, but you will also stay in deep sleep for longer!

#4 It’s great for your mental health. Your mental health is just as important as physical health. The game of golf is wonderful for the psyche! It keeps the player’s mind alert. What many people don’t know is that being surrounded by nature, as well as exercise, benefits mental wellbeing. Experts say a healthy mind results in a healthy body!

#5 People of all ages can make friends. Playing golf can be a great social activity. A round of golf, even mini golf, is a wonderful venue for socialising, meeting people with a variety of lifestyles, and making new friends. This applies to senior citizens, parents, and kids.

#6 It has cognitive benefits. Playing golf requires a certain amount of concentration and memory. This is something that is incredibly beneficial for people of all ages! You can prevent or reduce cognitive decline, before your old age has even begun!

#7 It increases life expectancy. One of the most appreciated health effects of playing mini golf is the increase in life expectancy. You see, it is important to take time to have fun in life. Having fun reduces stress, strengthens relationships, and keeps you youthful! All of this combines for healthy aging and a longer life!

You can get all of these benefits from playing an 18-hole round of golf, but also from a fun game of glow mini golf. Bring the entire family for a few hours of fun and you’ll be boosting your mental and physical health. Contact Glow Vibe to set up a game!