How to Get Started with Mini Golf: Training Aids

Posted on October 29, 2020
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If you’re looking for a sport that is fun and beneficial for the entire family, you’re looking for mini golf. Kids love mini golf! If they love and practice at mini golf enough, they will eventually transfer this to being a great golf player. Wouldn’t that be great! Golf offers many amazing health and social benefits. Your child can learn a love for golf now and play it all throughout their life! They can keep active as a kid, then be on their school’s golf team, and then be impressive out on the greens as a businessman meeting new clients. Once they retire, they’ll have nothing to do but play golf all day long. It’ll be all thanks to you!

All you need to do is foster their love for the sport and get them started in the right way. Golf training aids and practice aids are ideal for little ones learning how to play golf. In fact, all golfers may wish to reduce their handicaps, so great training aids have been designed to assist golfers to improve their golf swings and improve their putting no matter how old they are.

A few of the best training aids include:

Putt returner– No one ever improved at a sport without repetition of the basics. Get your own ball back with the simple and effective putt returner. It sends the ball right back to you so you can just keep putting in an endless loop. Practice makes perfect!

Golf butler– Bending down to pick up the ball over and over again is rough on your back and knees. You don’t want them to strain their back picking up the ball. The Golf Butler fits on the end of your putter and makes picking up your ball easy. It’s like a little claw or grabber and makes picking up your ball as easy as a poke.

Putting mat– Let’s say they want to practice their putt-putting, but it is raining outside. That’s not a problem if you have your own portable putting mat. This is made of special synthetic matting for a consistent roll. It is raised at one end with a hole. All you need to do is roll it out, which can be done anywhere, and they can start putting!

Once the kid in your life begins to love mini golf, they will appreciate all of these training aids. They’ll be having so much fun, they won’t even realize they’re practicing! That is one of the best parts of being involved with golf, whether it is putt-putt golf or the long 18-hole version. Golf is so entertaining that it doesn’t feel like an exercise at all. That is why they will ask you for a glow in the dark mini golf birthday party!