Hire a bit of magic this Christmas

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Posted on December 17, 2020
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The Holiday Season is finally here! If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that we need a reason to celebrate after how this year has been. 2020 is over and it’s time to be festive. Wouldn’t it be great to do something really special this year? In fact, wouldn’t it be even better to do something downright magical? We agree! That is why we suggest you rent out our services and spend a night this Holiday Season playing glow golf!

There’s just something about bright lights that tell us it’s the Holiday Season. Hiring us to bring glow mini golf to your location is just about as bright as you can get! We light up the night in the following ways:

#1 Fairways We will light up the fairways like a million Christmas lights! Our Signature LED Glow System shines brighter, more colorful, and has LED beams that project 45 feet of glow left to right and is the only one of its kind in the night golf industry. The course is set up with 140 Signature LED Glow Blasters per 9 holes to give you a first-class glow golf experience.

#2 Hazards No one wants an injury this time of year. We strategically place our LED Glow Blasters near bridges, water hazards, and bunkers. We also place 1000 lumens lights and red LED flashing lights on the front and back of each golf cart for a first-class night glow golf party.

#3 Balls You need glow balls, of course. These glow in the dark golf balls perform like a regular golf ball. Our glow in the dark golf balls does not have glow sticks or batteries involved to make it glow. The Glow Vibe night golf ball ignites using a high- powered LED light or UV light which we provide.

This year’s Holiday Season party shouldn’t be like every other, because this hasn’t been like every other! Imagine a tournament where everyone takes part in an exciting glow in the dark golf after the sun sets. Mini golf is a no-contact sport that is really ideal for these socially distanced times. As long as players hang on to their own putter and ball rather than passing them around, it’s about as COVID-safe as a group event can be. We also sterilize the equipment in between each party. The obstacles are easily wiped with cleaning agents before and after putting them in place. 

This would be so much fun for everyone! Let Glow Vibe set up your glow mini golf game! Call us at (855) 438-5481 or email us at sales@glowvibegolf.com to get started planning your event. Our flexible putting system lets you lay out the course to fit the venue. You can be inside a gymnasium, outside on a football field, or pretty much anywhere else! Our Christmas hires are so popular, we recommend booking your event as soon as possible.